Discover Northern Towns

There is a rich and diverse pattern of towns and cities across the North of England with both distinctive and individual character and stories but also common themes linking their history and activity.

As part of the Northern Tourism Initiative, we are linking with the Discover Britain’s Towns online resource to profile a selection of these towns at the GO Travel Show North event on Saturday 30th September.

We believe that there are great opportunities to encourage more visitors to some of the less well known, but fascinating towns across the North and to identify new places and themes giving new reasons to explore even the well-known destinations.

There is a range of themes of interest to visitors including areas of heritage significance, iconic buildings, cultural features and activities, food and drink, and other historical events and reasons that have made particular places famous.

As an example, the Discover Towns site recently explored places that had found new ways to unlock the appeal of former industrial and public buildings as great places to visit for other purposes.

You will find many other Tourism related opportunities by visiting the Discover Towns website and as we prepare for the Go Travel Show North, we will be delighted to work with Northern Tourism destination organisations and individual towns through both the website and as part of the showcase exhibition. A number of crosscutting themes at the event will include industrial heritage, historic transport and food and flavours of the North.